Dress To Care: Dress to shine! The dress code has changed.

For many years, women dressed so as not to stand out in the workplace. In offices, they dressed like grey shadows. They definitely couldn’t stand out and they fell in line with their male colleagues. Sober clothes, like the classic dark suit, were the necessary choice! In doctors’ surgeries, hospitals and even beauty clinics, the invariable white in men’s suits was the norm. There was no exception! But we’ve emancipated ourselves! Today, women no longer hide their femininity, their character, their behaviour or their qualities. Be amazed… Today their characteristic beauty has become a badge of power.

They are not just professional women, they are goddesses of elegance. The wardrobe has come alive and colours dance through the corridors of organisations. It was the movement that someone announced as Dopamine Dressing. What exactly is it? In a nutshell, it’s dressing for joy.

American fashion designer George Brescia, with a keen eye, observed this transformation in detail. His whole approach was to strike the right balance between fun and fashion. He observes the woman who chooses the red dress, as well as the one who chooses the printed skirt or a simple navy blue blazer with a bold touch of daring. This woman doesn’t hide; she reveals herself! It’s not just about how she feels about herself, but also about how others perceive her, how they look at her.

And so, in the corridors, under the fluorescent light, the powerful women parade. Their footsteps echo like a true symphony of confidence. The trend is not a passing one; it’s a silent revolution. It’s impossible to remain indifferent. The walls of offices and consulting rooms bear witness to the true metamorphosis: from uniformity to individuality, from conformity to expression.
Today, on International Women’s Day, let’s praise the strength to live that exists in each and every one of us! Dress not just for work, but for life. Be the protagonist of your own story, giving each item of clothing the gift of telling a splendid chapter of courage and beauty. 🌹✨

It’s not about being! It’s about being! Happy Women’s Day!

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