Fashion versus Style: What Sets Them Apart?

Fashion and style are intrinsically connected but quite distinct concepts. In this post, we explain why.

What is fashion?

Fashion refers to the set of trends, patterns, and clothing that prevail in a particular period. It is influenced by various factors such as culture, society, economy, and even historical events. Fashion is mutable and ephemeral, reflecting collective preferences and the “spirit” of each time. Runway shows, specialized magazines, major brands, and renowned designers are its major drivers, dictating what is considered “in” or “out” each season.

How to define style?

Style, on the other hand, is a personal and enduring construct. It transcends the momentary inspirations of fashion and reflects the unique way each person expresses themselves through their clothing, accessories, and posture. Style is an artistic expression of our identity, something that evolves with us over time and is motivated by personal preferences, values, life experiences, and personality.

Fashion vs Style: Main Difference

While fashion is dictated by external standards, style comes from within, it’s a choice that highlights our authenticity and originality.

It should always be your style that dictates your fashion and never fashion that dictates your style.

And it’s a good thing that there are fashion trends that fit in with our style! It feels so good when a trend comes along that’s just like you. It makes everything so much easier!

Could it be that at Dress To Care we can create something that has your “look”? That’s all we want ❤️

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