Who we are

We are unconditional admirers of all Professionals who, by vocation, care for others and dress every day to care.

They are the center of DRESS TO CARE®‘s business model, which integrates design, manufacturing, distribution and sales processes. Together with our partners we strive for excellence in all these processes.

We are always ready to answer, listen and resolve.

Our greatest wish is that our Customers have a pleasant and surprising shopping experience and that this positive energy is carried into their everyday environment whenever they wear our pieces.


Our history

Our history start in one day, sitting at a table, in the middle of a good conversation, were several friends, some health professionals and some not. Among many topics, someone commented on how pleasant it was to enter a clinic where all the professionals wore sophisticated uniforms with a very modern design. Then the conversation developed… and later came DRESS TO CARE®.


Our mission

We want to go far beyond the production of quality, sophisticated, elegant and comfortable uniforms. Our Mission, which we call DRESS TO CARE® WAY, is to spread positive energy in health, well-being and aesthetic environments.


Our values

We are a team and we base our actions in all quarters of our lives on very strong values ​​such as respect, transparency, integrity.

At the heart of DRESS TO CARE® is a huge determination to go further and further. We look forward to being able with the help of our Clients, our Business Partners, our Family, our Friends.



We develop our pieces thinking about the comfort and well-being of the professionals who wear them in their daily work. Our wish is that as you put on one of our uniforms you feel a reinforced positive energy to care for others. At DRESS TO CARE® we have a special admiration for the professionals who “DRESS TO CARE®” and we want to serve them.

Our products are made of polyamide or polyester fabric which make them very light and flexible with a soft, pleasant and fresh “touch”. They are fully prepared for frequent washing as they are also very resistant. To make life easier for our customers, we use high-quality, breathable, fast-drying and wrinkle resistant microfiber fabrics.

Dress To Care - 100% Portuguesa
Dress To Care - 100% Portuguesa